Trudeau’s Massive Carbon Tax

The long-awaited Liberal carbon tax is almost here and all Canadians should expect to pay more for everything. This means that Canadians will be paying higher prices on groceries, gas for the car, heating our homes, and other basic necessities in the lives of hardworking Canadians. Estimates say the average Canadian family could pay over $1,000 per year in new taxes. It takes a special level of Liberal arrogance to hike taxes on hard-working Canadians who are simply trying to heat their homes in the dead of winter. Andrew Scheer want to repeal this Liberal tax grab and lower taxes for all Canadians!

Correction: An earlier version stated you were going to start paying more today for Trudeau's carbon tax. Don't worry, you will pay more, because despite all the other tax hikes the Liberals have placed on Canadians, they just can't get enough. The carbon tax is in fact coming soon. We regret the error almost as much as we'll regret the carbon tax.


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