Top Ten Trudeau Misfires of 2016

#10 - His failure to show up for work!

Let’s be honest - has Trudeau actually accomplished anything this year? His first year as PM has been the least productive in decades – that’s a verifiable fact.

The previous 5 Canadian governments passed an average of 48 bills in their first year. Following our Conservative majority win, 58 bills received Royal Assent. For the Trudeau Liberals, that number sits at just 11.

But what should Canadians expect more from a Prime Minister who didn’t bother to show up for work 66% of the time?

That’s right, it’s not a typo: he’s managed to attend just 18 of 53 Question Periods this year.

#9 - The massive Paris delegation!

Justin Trudeau flew 383 people to Paris to a conference to talk about… climate change. Yes, seriously.

Sure, this happened in 2015, but taxpayers didn’t get the bill until well into 2016.

This delegation – which was more than double the size of the U.S. team – cost taxpayers well over a million dollars!

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna also bilked taxpayers for almost $7,000 for glamour shots while she was over there.

#8 - The moving expense scandal!

Two of Trudeau’s top aides – Gerald Butts and Katie Telford – billed taxpayers over $200,000 to move to Ottawa.

From across the country, you ask? Nope – from a few hours down the road in Toronto. Canadians were rightfully outraged, and after being on the defensive for days, they finally agreed to pay SOME OF the expenses back. I suppose taxpayers should now be grateful, or something...

#7 - Cancelling Conservative tax breaks!

Our Conservative tax breaks – including income splitting for families, the Universal Child Care Benefit, and tax credits for children’s arts and fitness programs – let Canadians keep more of their own money.

Naturally, the Liberals were against this.

They went on a wild campaign, wrongfully claiming that our tax breaks only benefit “the wealthy”, and cancelled ALL of the aforementioned tax breaks.

Canadians now pay more, in order to subsidize Justin’s spending habits.

And we haven’t even gotten to his massive new carbon tax yet… hold onto your wallets, Canada. Things are only going to get worse in 2017.

#6 - Refusing to call ISIS atrocities a genocide!

ISIS is responsible for horrific crimes against humanity. They are using rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war while enslaving women and girls, and they are specifically targeting religious and cultural minorities.

We called on the government to stand alongside our US allies, UK Parliamentarians, and even UN investigators, in recognizing ISIS as a genocidal entity.

Liberal MP Frank Baylis said that calling ISIS’ actions genocide was a “rush to judgement”.

Then, shockingly, Liberals voted AGAINST a motion to declare these atrocities a genocide.

#5 - His glowing praise for Fidel Castro!

After Fidel Castro’s death in November, Justin Trudeau’s statement was ridiculed by our democratic allies.

Trudeau chose to celebrate a tyrant while the rest of the world celebrated for the Cuban people.

Trudeau called the Cuban dictator “larger than life,” “a legendary revolutionary and orator,” a “remarkable leader,” and “recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people.”

He said nothing of the Cubans Castro executed, imprisoned, tortured, oppressed and exiled.

Trudeau’s personal affection of this murderous dictator embarrassed Canada on the world stage.

#4 - The reckless spending of Liberal Ministers!

The list of Liberals abusing the taxpayer purse is literally too long to fit on this page!

One Liberal Minister spent over a million dollars to renovate her Ottawa office.

They spent $5,000+ to install 56 coat hooks in a brand new government building.

Trudeau spent $133,000 on a dinner with the President of Mexico, $5,000 on a new diving board for his indoor pool, and $64,000 for accommodations on his Caribbean vacation.

Jane Philpott spent almost $8,000 on limo rides. Jim Carr spent almost $2,000 on hockey tickets.

Sadly, the list goes on, and on, and on. Find out more at

#3 - Refusing a referendum on democratic reform!

During the last election, Justin Trudeau famously promised it would be the last ‘First Past The Post’ election in Canada. He offered no replacement system, but he took his election win as permission to do whatever he wanted.

His new government got to work preparing for electoral reform. One problem, though - Canadians hadn’t been consulted!

Canadians understand that no single political party should be able to use its 39 per cent of the popular vote to rig the next election in its own favour by unilaterally changing the voting system for 100 per cent of Canadians.

In the weeks and months that followed, tens of thousands of Canadians signed petitions demanding a referendum. Conservative MP's consulted with over 81,000 Canadians right across the country, and found over 90% support for a referendum!

Trudeau has since backed off on his plan for electoral reform, but he has still refused to allow Canadians to vote on the issue. Find out more at Demand a Rederendum.

#2 - The cash-for-access scandal!

Justin Trudeau campaigned on promises of openness and accountability. But what we’ve seen instead is a return to the ways of Liberals past!

The Globe and Mail exposed the Liberals’ latest scheme to raise money: selling exclusive access to government Ministers in exchange for big donations to the Liberal Party.

Attendees of these events include Chinese communist billionaires. One of them made huge donations to the Trudeau Foundation. And another got government approval to open a bank shortly after he spoke with Trudeau. What a coincidence!

Media reports say at least 20 of these Liberal “pay for play” events have taken place this year. At least one of these is for the Finance Minister - and was organized by an executive with a company that lobbies the same Finance Minister!!

Trudeau tells us not to worry. He says the fundraisers, which raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Liberal Party and the Trudeau Foundation, have no sway on the decisions he makes.

However, government watchdogs disagree - the Trudeau government is now under investigation by the Ethics Commissioner, the Lobbying Commissioner, and the Federal Privacy Commissioner!

So much for “Sunny Ways”…

#1‎ - The crippling Liberal debt.

Following the world-wide economic downturn, things were hard. But our Conservative Government made Canada one of the only nations in the industrialized world to balance its budget.

Justin Trudeau doesn’t care for trivial things like balancing the books. He campaigned on running “modest $10 billion deficits.” Instead he tripled that deficit forecast immediately and is on track to saddle taxpayers with more than $130 billion in new debt over the next few years.

Despite all this new spending, the Finance Minister stated the future economic picture for Canada's economy is bleak.

His department admitted productivity is down. There have been deep declines in energy sector investment. And household consumer debt is getting worse.

We’ve seen no economic growth this year.

Just 1% of their announced infrastructure projects are actually under way.

Not one new a single net additional new full time job had been created since the Liberals took office.

In other words, they are spending billions of dollars for no good reason.

‎And now they want to saddle Canadians with massive new tax hikes, including a CPP tax hike ‎that will take more money right off your paycheque, and a massive carbon tax that will drive up the cost of everything and drive jobs out of Canada.

Some other items on this list can be forgiven as first-year blunders or minor hiccups. But this crippling debt that the Trudeau Liberals are needlessly racking up is going to be passed on to our children, and their children.

Taking our $5 billion surplus and turning it into a $30 billion deficit in less than a year is, by far, Trudeau's worst misfire of 2016.

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