Trudeau’s Election Gimmick

UPDATE: November 6, 2018

The Sun has recently reported that a government document posted online confirms the Liberals plan to increase their carbon tax to $50 per tonne by 2022!

Canadians already couldn’t afford the Liberals tax on everything.

And this is just going to make it even harder for Canadians to get by and provide for their families.

Canadians have known all along that Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax was a tax plan dressed up as an emissions plan.

But now we know it’s also an election gimmick.

His ‘rebate’ is a shell game that will neither help the environment nor save Canadians any money – only force Canadians to pay higher taxes on basic necessities.

Trudeau continues to withhold documents that would show the true cost of his carbon tax.

But Canadians are just supposed to believe a measly $12.50 a month will cover it.

The fact is, Trudeau’s carbon tax will make everything more expensive for families that are struggling to get ahead.

Trudeau’s carbon tax is wrong for taxpayers, it’s wrong for the economy, and it’s wrong for the environment.

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