Justin Trudeau’s Summer of Failure

It was a disastrous summer for Justin Trudeau and his Liberals.

He has failed to deliver on everything from trade to taxes to pipelines.

And Canadians are paying the price:

  • Middle class Canadians are paying more taxes, while the wealthiest pay less;
  • Trudeau has damaged relationships with important trading partners and jeopardized the millions of jobs that depend on international trade;
  • Trudeau’s border crisis is causing massive delays for the entire immigration system; and
  • Yet another Trudeau minister was found guilty by the Ethics Commissioner of breaking conflict of interest laws.

The only thing this Liberal government has been able to deliver on is more scandals.

And it’s leaving Canadians with fewer jobs, less opportunity, and an uncertain future.

We can't let this unethical and hypocritical Liberal government continue!

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