Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Official Opposition, released the following statement on Trudeau’s Bank of Canada handing out millions of dollars in bonuses after failing to do their job:

“If a working Canadian fails to do their job, they get fired. But when Trudeau’s bankers fail to do their job, they are rewarded with huge tax-funded bonuses.

“In 2022, Trudeau’s bankers gave themselves a staggering $20 million in bonuses. This, after having funded Trudeau’s enormous spending that fueled inflation, and then hiking interest rates seven times in one year to get Trudeau’s inflationary mess they helped cause under control.

“Trudeau’s own Bank of Canada Governor admitted that ‘we got some things wrong…we haven’t managed to keep inflation at our target.’ But despite admitting their failure, Trudeau’s bank still gave 80 percent of their staff an average of $11,200 taxpayer-funded bonus.

“This is outrageous. Trudeau’s bankers should not be rewarded while working Canadians can’t afford to pay their mortgages or put food on the table because of Trudeau’s failures.

“We must make Canada work for people who have done the work. My common sense Conservative government will put an end to Trudeau’s big bonuses for government bankers and executives who fail at their jobs until they bring home affordability for Canadians.”