Ottawa, ON – After eight years of Trudeau, life has never been harder for Canadians. Life costs more, and work doesn’t pay. Crime and chaos have made our streets unsafe, and millions of Canadians are being driven to use food banks due to a generational affordability crisis.

Canadians deserve urgent action from the Prime Minister to fix the mess he created. But after coming back from a free $84,000 vacation, Trudeau instead decided to hold a retreat at a luxury hotel in downtown Montreal, forcing Canadians to pick up the tab, when they could have met in Ottawa for a fraction of the cost. 

Trudeau’s cabinet retreat did nothing to solve the issues that are plaguing Canadians. Under this Prime Minister, Canada is still on track to have the worst economic growth out of the 40 OECD countries, while inflation and high interest rates take more money out of Canadians’ paycheques.

Housing remains unaffordable thanks to the Liberal Government’s refusal to force gatekeepers to get out of the way and build homes. On top of this, Trudeau’s Former Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, broke our immigration system and overwhelmed our housing market with policies that according to his own cabinet colleague, Minister Miller, caused the system to get “out of control.” Despite this, Trudeau rewarded his failure by appointing him Housing Minister to “fix” the disaster he had created.

Meanwhile, crime is reaching a breaking point. Car thefts are up by 34 percent across Canada since Trudeau was first elected. In Montreal, car thefts have jumped by 106 percent, and in Toronto, they have risen by 217 percent. What is the Liberal plan? To hold a meeting in Ottawa for politicians and bureaucrats to talk about the problem instead of taking action. It’s clear that this Liberal cabinet retreat is just another desperate photo op to try and convince Canadians that Trudeau has changed.

They’ve put out a press release declaring that they “are focused on supporting the middle class”, but they leave their fancy retreat in an expensive hotel having taken no action to make Canadian’s lives better. We have heard from at least one Liberal MP who says that this Prime Minister and this Liberal Government are past their best-before date. Canadians agree and another round of photo-ops hasn’t changed a thing. Only a common sense Conservative Prime Minister will turn Trudeau’s hurt into the hope that Canadians need.