Ottawa, ON – Today, Canadians woke up to the world’s worst April Fools joke, as Justin Trudeau hiked his carbon tax 23 by percent. This is just the next step in his plan to quadruple the carbon tax over the next six years, making everything more expensive for everyone.

Justin Trudeau just doesn’t understand that if you tax the farmer who grows the food, and the trucker who ships the food, you end up taxing the family who buys the food.

That’s why 70 percent of Canadians and 70 percent of provincial premiers opposed the carbon tax increase. Three premiers even warned Liberals in Ottawa directly that Trudeau’s tax increase will push Canadians over the edge, but after eight years, Justin Trudeau is no longer listening.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer also told Liberal MPs that Canadians would be better of without the carbon tax, saying that they would experience higher income growth while the price of food would come down. But Justin Trudeau went ahead with his tax anyway.

Today’s April Fools’ tax hike makes clear that Canadians will experience no relief so long as Justin Trudeau is in power. Only Common Sense Conservatives will bring home lower prices and axe the tax on everything, for everyone.