Ottawa, ON – The end of summer means the start of the school year for many Canadian families. But after eight years of Justin Trudeau, parents cannot afford back-to-school shopping. The Liberal Government has driven up the cost of basic goods, making even textbooks and school lunches impossibly expensive for too many Canadians. 

Across Canada, the average bill for back-to-school shopping in Canada came out to $700 per student, and the cost of school supplies have increased 24% over the last two years. StatsCan expects the biggest price shock to parents will be the increased cost of lunch box staples. Bread, rolls, and buns are up 8.1%. Apples are up 7.8% this year. Cookies and crackers are up 12.4%.

While Canadians go into debt to send their kids to school, Justin Trudeau continues to make life more expensive for parents. The Liberals hiked their first carbon tax this summer and added a second one even as the price of gas and groceries continues to soar. Their wasteful spending is fueling inflation, making Canadians worse off and life is less affordable.   Common sense Conservatives will axe Justin Trudeau’s inflationary tax on everything, bring down inflation and interest rates by ending wasteful spending, and ensure Canadians bring home powerful paycheques so that back-to-school can once again be an exciting time of year.