Joyce Bateman

Nomination Date: 29/04/2019

Joyce Bateman has a strong track record of active community engagement used to help establish priorities. She is committed to open discussion and believes the responsibility to listen to and serve your community outweighs all other assigned roles.

Her approach and hard work gets results. Working with community and political leaders she earned funding for many local infrastructure projects including the Waverley Underpass and the twinning of Taylor Avenue. She also was able to help make rail crossings across Canada safer with her Private Members’ Bill on Rail Safety.

Joyce is well versed in financial affairs and has proven to be a reliable steward of taxpayers’ money. She has served as chair of the Finance/Audit committee during her 10 years of service on the school board building on her extensive professional experience in private and public sector finance as a CPA, CA.

Joyce Bateman listens, consults, analyzes and takes action. She has delivered desired results on a regular and ongoing basis. She has the experience and drive to be a highly effective Member of Parliament.

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