Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Official Opposition, released the following statement on the Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid: 

“By 1942, the heroism and bravery of the Canadian Armed Forces was well established. Our military had proven itself repeatedly during the Second World War through both victory and defeat. However, as the Nazis solidified their hold on Western Europe, Canada and its allies began to search for ways to break German control over the continent and turn the tide towards victory. Out of this necessity, the Allies planned Operation Jubilee, a raid led by Canadian troops on the French beaches of Dieppe.  

“Tragically, the assault quickly descended into chaos. Canadian tanks were quickly immobilized on unfamiliar terrain. Superior German positioning wreaked havoc on our infantry as a series of delays and miscommunications left hundreds of troops exposed to enemy fire.  

“After a few nightmarish hours, it was clear that the raid would end in failure. Of the 5,000 Canadian troops fighting on the beaches, 917 were killed. Nearly 2,000 were taken prisoner by the Nazis.  

“Today, we commemorate the anniversary of the Dieppe Raid. We mourn for the heroes who died fighting for liberty and justice. However, in our grief, we also remember that the sacrifices of those who died in 1942 were not made in vain. Two years after the failure of Operation Jubilee, the Allies mounted another amphibious attack that incorporated the costly lessons that were learned at Dieppe. This time, the operation would be an unprecedented success. It would signal the beginning of the end of German occupation and is remembered around the world as D-Day – the day that freedom returned to the shores of Europe.  

“This ultimate victory is the true legacy of the heroes of Dieppe. Today and every day, we will remember them.”