Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Official Opposition, released the following statement on Sikh Heritage Month: 

“From the foundational days of Guru Nanak to the establishment of the Khalsa and into the present day, the teachings of Sikhism have remained as resonant as ever. These teachings bring hope and light to millions of people around the world. Emphasizing the timeless values of compassion, generosity and equality for all, the Sikh faith has inspired generations of people to lead lives characterized by truth and service, enriching the lives of their neighbours and communities.  

“Nowhere is this truth more self-evident than in Canada, which is home to the largest Sikh diaspora in the world. For generations, Sikhs have added the wealth of their history and traditions to our communities, strengthening the bonds of freedom and prosperity that have made Canada so great.  

“Together, they have built gurdwaras that stand as pillars of light and fellowship in our neighbourhoods. In times of celebration and hardship alike, they have faithfully practiced Seva, always willing to extend a helping hand to others through langars and countless acts of goodwill.  

“Throughout April, Canadians honour this incredible legacy and give thanks to their Sikh neighbours for all they have given to our common home. As Sikhs prepare for the celebration of Vaisakhi later this month, I hope they are encouraged by the strength of their history and the countless achievements they have championed over the years. On behalf of Canada’s common sense Conservatives, Happy Sikh Heritage Month!”