Ottawa, Ontario – Quebec Lieutenant Pierre Paul-Hus issued the following statement as part of the Common Sense tour in Québec:

“After eight years of Justin Trudeau, Quebecers are finding it harder to make ends meet. Exorbitant taxes and expenses have driven up the cost of living to an unsustainable level. Thousands of Quebecers have to go to food banks every month, while the cost of rent and mortgages has doubled.

“Over the next few weeks, Conservative members of Parliament from Quebec will be meeting with citizens across the province to hear their concerns and proposals first-hand. We’ll be meeting with representatives from a variety of backgrounds to discuss their priorities regarding the economy and society.

“Several national themes will be addressed during our round-table meetings: necessary adjustments to taxes, balancing the budget by cutting wasteful government spending, increasing new housing construction, and crime-related issues.

“We will also discuss local issues, which differ from region to region.

“Pierre Poilievre’s Common Sense Conservatives won’t stop holding the Trudeau government to account to protect your money and bring home the relief you need.”