Ottawa, ON – After nine years of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal-NDP coalition’s policies flooding Canadian streets with dangerous taxpayer-funded drugs, the number of victims continues to grow.

Today’s reporting in the National Post that seizures of hydromorphone in London are up 3,000% shows the tragic effect of these policies, as Trudeau’s hydromorphone floods the streets of Canadian cities. This follows massive busts of diverted drugs in Prince George and Campbell River. According to the President of the London Police Association, it is common knowledge among police officers that so-called “safe supply” programs are being abused and widely diverted into the community so that users can use profits from their sale to buy even more deadly fentanyl.

Not only are seizures of hydromorphone up, but the hard drugs that the Trudeau Government provides are frequently resold to teenagers and other vulnerable Canadians, getting them hooked on opioids and leading them into the destructive cycle of addiction. On top of this, the Vancouver Police Department, for instance, have stated that around 50 percent of all hydromorphone seizures were diverted from Trudeau’s taxpayer-funded hard drugs program.

There have been 45,000 deaths related to the opioid toxicity crisis in Canada since Justin Trudeau took over, and the number keeps rising. In 2023, 8,049 Canadians were killed by opioids, up 7% in just the last year and 184% since Trudeau was elected in 2015.

Flooding our streets with dangerous opioids has done absolutely nothing to reduce overdose deaths. The taxpayer funding of dangerous drugs must end now before even more deadly opioids end up in the hands of dealers to be sold in communities and schoolyards across the country. This is also evident through the fact that the street price of hydromorphone has collapsed.

Only Common Sense Conservatives will end Trudeau and the NDP’s deadly experiment. The most vulnerable Canadians deserve hope and treatment, not more taxpayer-funded hard drugs.