Ottawa, ON – After nine years, even long-term Liberal supporters want Justin Trudeau to resign. This was made clear after Mark Carney delivered two major speeches on economic and fiscal policy, where he criticized Trudeau’s economic chaos, even though he supports the inflationary spending and taxes that caused it.

For this reason, Common Sense Conservatives will move a motion on Tuesday, April 30, to invite Carney to testify at Finance Committee. It’s clear that Carney is positioning for Trudeau’s job and since he’s attempting to get as much media attention as possible, he should welcome the Conservative invitation to appear at Committee. Instead, he previously declined an invitation from the Finance Committee to testify on the Fall Economic Statement.

On top of this, Canadians deserve to know how much Carney will increase Trudeau’s carbon tax, how much more debt he will add, and whether he would destroy Canada’s energy sector. When Mark Carney becomes leader of the Liberals, Canadians should be concerned of his long history of investing in oil and gas of dirty dictatorships, while trying to destroy Canada’s energy industry at home.

Carney has also endorsed Trudeau’s housing photo-op fund, which gives billions of taxpayer dollars to the same gatekeepers who created the housing crisis in the first place. Even Trudeau’s own housing minister admits that this program “doesn’t actually build homes.”

The NDP will be faced with a decision to either cover for Justin Trudeau by stopping his successor from testifying or to vote for the Conservative motion forcing Mark Carney’s appearance before Committee.

It doesn’t matter whether Mark Carney or Justin Trudeau is in charge of this Liberal Government. They will continue to make life more unaffordable for Canadians with their inflationary taxes and spending.

Only Common Sense Conservatives will bring home affordability for all Canadians.