Ottawa, ON – Rick Perkins, Conservative Shadow Minister for Innovation, Science, and Industry, released the following statement in response to Zijin Mining’s 15 percent acquisition of Canadian-based Solaris Resources:

“After eight years of Justin Trudeau, Beijing-backed raiding of Canadian assets and resources have reached an all-time high. While Liberal gatekeepers and red tape have resulted in a 25-year wait to approve a mine, Beijing’s holdings continue to grow.

“This week, we learned that Beijing-owned “Zijin Mining” plans to acquire a 15 percent stake in Canadian-based Solaris Resources. In addition to maintaining a close relationship with the Communist Party in Beijing, the company has faced widespread allegations of labour exploitation, environmental damage, and safety deficiencies.

“This acquisition is a clear threat to Canada’s strategic mining assets and will provide Beijing with greater control over Canadian supply chains. Conservatives are demanding that the Liberal Government invoke section 25.3 of the Investment Canada Act to trigger a national security review regarding the sale of Canada’s strategic mining assets and assess the net benefit to Canadians.

“Trudeau has a track record of turning a blind eye and allowing our assets to be snapped up by Beijing. The Prime Minister fast-tracked the acquisition of Neo Lithium and three Canadian lithium companies to Beijing’s interests, and last month, Beijing purchased Canada’s only rare earth mining company, Vital Metals.

“Canada has the critical and strategic minerals the world wants and needs, but we are falling far behind. This is the result of eight years of Trudeau’s lax attitude toward Beijing and his anti-energy and development policies. The Trudeau Government prefers leaving our resources in the ground instead of developing them, blocking paycheques and prosperity for our families and our country in the process.

“Common sense Conservatives demand that Liberals conduct a national security review of this transaction and review it for the benefit of Canada so we can protect Canadian jobs and resources. Only a common sense Conservative government will fight to protect Canada’s strategic assets and remove gatekeepers to get mines and resource development projects built so Canadian families can bring home powerful paycheques.”