Ottawa, ON – Today, the NDP-Liberal cover-up coalition, along with the Bloc, shut down the Standing Committee on Public Accounts to prevent the Auditor General from testifying on their investigation into the ArriveCan app.

The ArriveCan app cost taxpayers $54 million, despite experts claiming that it could have been delivered for under $250,000. Now, the RCMP is investigating allegations of corruption around how contracts were awarded by this Liberal government.

Earlier this week, the committee Chair provided the Auditor General with hours of testimony and documents as part of a nearly two-year parliamentary investigation into the $54 million ArriveCan app. The documents provided to the Auditor General include government officials lying and attempting to silence whistleblowers, government officials suspended without pay for telling the truth at committee, consultants making millions of taxpayer dollars while doing no value-added work, and inappropriate friendships between the government officials in charge of awarding multimillion-dollar contracts, and the people receiving those same contracts. A clear example of this is when consultants met with government officials at bars and restaurants, even holding an “ArriveCan Whisky tasting” event to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the disastrous app.

As allegations of corruption continue to grow more serious, transparency is needed now more than ever. Today’s meeting was critical to ensuring that the Auditor General would analyze and include the documents in their soon-to-be-released audit.

Despite this, the cover-up coalition did everything possible to block an update to the Auditor General’s ArriveCan audit.

The $54 million ArriveCan app is a taxpayer travesty. Justin Trudeau and his ministers are responsible for padding the pockets of connected consultants and forcing Canadians to pick up the bill. Common sense Conservatives will turn over every document and consulting contract and call every witness necessary to expose the corruption in the $54 million ArriveCan app.