Canada’s Common Sense Conservatives are demanding that Liberal Ministers end their vacations, get back to work, and fix the mess they made.

With seven weeks having passed since Parliament rose for the summer, Canadians are increasingly concerned with continued Liberal inaction on the most important issues in communities across our country. While Ministers are taking vacations and showing up for photo ops, Canadians are suffering from the result of their policies. Conservatives are calling on the Ministers of Finance, Housing, Justice and Public Safety to cut their vacations short and appear before parliamentary committees to face scrutiny for their failures.

Life is more and more unaffordable, with inflation continuing to hit hard. Housing is more out of reach than ever, with not enough construction and rising interest rates. Crime continues to plague our communities, with repeat violent offenders being turned loose thanks to catch-and-release Liberal policies. 

This is not the first attempt that Conservatives have made to bring home accountability through parliamentary committees this summer. Conservative MPs have tried to force committees back to address urgent issues facing Canadians but have been stonewalled by the other parties. On issues ranging from interest rate hikes to the transfer of Paul Bernardo to the Justice Minister’s dismissal of rising crime statistics, the Liberals, NDP and the Bloc have blocked multiple attempts to force them to do their jobs and bring back the Finance, Justice and Public Safety committees. 

It’s time for this Liberal government to answer for their record of failure, and it is time for other parties to cancel their vacations and show up to do the job that Canadians elected them to do. Common sense Conservatives will never stop fighting for Canadians.