OTTAWA, ON — Last week, Trudeau realized he was facing electoral oblivion and flip-flopped on his carbon tax, announcing a temporary pause on the tax on home heating oil until after the election.

Trudeau’s announcement made it clear that his Liberal government recognizes that his tax plan is pushing Canadians over the edge. Despite this, Trudeau still plans to impose a tax on your gas and diesel, on the farmers who grow the food and the truckers who ship the food – making everything more expensive.

Now, Liberal Minister Gudie Hutchings, has finally revealed that the carbon tax has always been about politics. In an interview with CTV News, Hutchings told Canadians that they ‘need to elect more Liberals in the Prairies so that we can have that conversation as well.’ In other words, if you want to be able to afford your gas, groceries, and heating – you better vote Liberal.

The carbon tax was never an environmental plan, it is a tax plan. And the announcement this week was about the Liberals’ plummeting poll numbers, not about doing what is right for Canadians. Minister Hutchings just said as much when she told Canadians west of Ottawa that they’d need to elect more Liberals to get a reprieve from their punitive taxes.

The Liberals are sending a clear message to Ontarians, Manitobans, Saskatchewanians, Albertans and other Canadians who use natural gas and propane to heat their homes, that there will be no break on home heating. Justin Trudeau doesn’t believe these Canadians are important enough to the Liberals’ political math to deserve help from the federal government.

The Common Sense Conservative plan is simple: No pauses. No gimmicks. No special deals based on politics. We will axe Trudeau’s carbon tax on everything for everyone to bring home lower prices for gas, groceries, and home heating.