Ottawa, ON – After nine years of Justin Trudeau, life has never been so expensive. Trudeau’s inflationary taxes have driven up the cost of everything, forcing families to pay $700 more for groceries this year, while millions of Canadians line up outside of food banks.

Canadians deserve relief, but Justin Trudeau simply isn’t listening. A few months ago, Trudeau decided to hike his carbon tax by 23 percent, and then refused to give families a summer break from the carbon tax so they could afford a simple road trip.

Now, just moments ago, Canadians discovered that Trudeau has been hiding the fact that the carbon tax will cost Canadians $30.5 billion by 2030. This works out to $1,824 per family in extra annual costs.

The Trudeau Government hid this number for years. It was only revealed when the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) told Canadians that Trudeau had placed a gag order on his office. Now, as a result of pressure from Common Sense Conservatives, the Liberal Government was finally forced to reveal the true damage their tax is causing the Canadian economy.

Never has it been more clear that the carbon tax is making Canadians worse off. But still, the Trudeau Government has only revealed a small portion of the information.

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Government cannot be trusted to be honest with Canadians. That’s why Common Sense Conservatives have launched a motion calling on Trudeau to release their full data on how the carbon tax hurts Canadians.

Justin Trudeau must be transparent with Canadians over the harm he is causing Canadians until Common Sense Conservatives can axe the tax in Government.