Ottawa, ON – Today’s building permit data shows that despite all his photo ops, Justin Trudeau is failing to build the housing Canadians need.

Building permits have dropped by nearly 13% over the last two years, and the value of those permits has dropped even further to 21% below 2022 levels. Canada is building fewer homes at a time when Canadians are already priced out of the market. In Quebec and Ontario, these numbers are even more bleak, with the number of units created down by 31% and 22%, respectively. Trudeau’s own housing agency has also made clear that Canadians should not expect this trend to change any time soon, with housing permits expected to stay lower through 2024, 2025 and 2026 than they were last year.

On top of doubling down payments and mortgage costs, Justin Trudeau’s housing hell has also made life unaffordable for renters. The most recent Rent Report from shows rent remaining near record highs, having increased nearly 10% in just the last year. Canadians’ wages aren’t even rising half that fast.

And the only answer Liberals have to solve the crisis they created is more photo ops. Their inflationary budget is just the same failed policies that have seen building permits crater over the last two years. They want to hold photo ops holding big cheques but have failed to actually incentivize homebuilding.

Canadians cannot afford this anymore. For renters and aspiring homeowners, Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost. Only Common Sense Conservatives will build the homes Canadians can afford.