Ottawa, ON – Marilyn Gladu, Conservative Shadow Minister for Civil Liberties, released the following statement after a journalist was arrested for asking the Deputy Prime Minister a question on the IRGC:

“After eight years of Justin Trudeau, the freedom of the press has never been more at risk. Yesterday, a journalist was arrested and accosted on trumped-up charges by the RCMP after asking the Deputy Prime Minister why the IRGC had still not been labelled a terrorist organization by the Government of Canada.  

“Thus far, the Trudeau Liberals have not condemned this unjust arrest. Outrageously, this government has created a climate where journalists can face criminal charges for demanding answers on critical subjects. By doing so, they are seeking to limit the right of Canadians to freedom of expression. This is unacceptable.

“This incident yesterday was shocking and deserves greater scrutiny, yet at this point, the Trudeau-funded media and the Parliamentary Press Gallery have remained silent. Trudeau’s policies have divided the media into two groups: those he’s bought off with bailouts and those he censors and has arrested. Common sense conservatives will not stand by as the freedom of the press is violated by the Trudeau Government and their bodyguards.

“For this reason, I am seeking to recall the Canadian Heritage Committee immediately to demand transparency and accountability. Conservatives will ensure that this assault on the freedom of the press will never be repeated.

“The NDP and Bloc members of the committee must view this egregious assault on press freedom as a top priority, and recognize it for the dangerous precedent that it is.

“Lastly, Deputy Prime Minister Freeland herself has previously stated, ‘Canada condemns anyone who in any way intimidates and harasses journalists working in defence of the truth, and we will seize every opportunity to speak up and defend press freedom’. If the Liberals on the committee agree with their own Deputy PM, they too will agree to committee hearings.”