Ottawa, ON – Life in Canada has never been more expensive. Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-NDP coalition have driven up the cost of everything by placing a cruel tax on farmers, truckers and families. As a direct consequence of their policies, food banks had to manage a record 2 million visits in a single month last year, with a million additional visits in 2024. While one in ten people in Toronto are having to rely on food banks to survive.

The cost of groceries, gas and heating has become unaffordable in Canada because Justin Trudeau and the NDP introduced a carbon tax, and then hiked it on the backs of working Canadians. But now, after the NDP voted 22 times to create and increase the carbon tax, Jagmeet Singh is now desperately trying to run from his own record, saying that environmental policy “can’t be done by letting working families bear the cost of climate change.”

Just three weeks ago, Jagmeet Singh and the NDP abandoned their constituents by voting to hike the carbon tax by 23 percent. But now, as Jagmeet Singh’s popularity nosedives and six NDP members of Parliament announced that they are abandoning Singh’s sinking ship, Singh has decided that the carbon tax is hurting Canadians after all. It’s clear that Jagmeet Singh is a weak leader who is desperate to run from his own record.

If Jagmeet Singh no longer supports Justin Trudeau’s signature carbon tax, then he should stop propping up this tired Liberal Government and join with Common Sense Conservatives in calling for a carbon tax election.

Canadians need relief, not more taxes. Only Common Sense Conservatives will bring home lower prices by axing the tax on everything for everyone.