Liberal hypocrisy needs to stop!

For months, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau have been looking for new ways to raise taxes on working-class Canadians. First, they accused local business owners, local job creators, and entrepreneurs of being tax cheats in order to justify a big tax hike. Then, to fuel their massive spending habits, they went after employee discounts, and people suffering from diseases like diabetes. But throughout all of this, we learned a lot about Trudeau’s finance minister:
  • Trudeau’s right hand man, Bill Morneau, has used an “ethical loophole” to ensure he remains invested in a company which he regulates as Finance Minister.
  • Using a “numbered company he set up in Alberta,” where the tax system is seen as more competitive than where he lives and works – in Ontario – he was able to retain control of his own stocks... $40 million worth of shares in Morneau Shepell to be exact.
  • Morneau also failed to disclose to the Ethics Commissioner a “private corporation that owns a villa in the south of France.” The point of this corporation? To give “Morneau’s family a tax advantage with regard to inheritance” according to the Toronto Sun.
  • Morneau tabled legislation that would stand to benefit companies like Morneau Shepell, and the Finance Minister himself could stand to directly benefit from a review of overseas tax treaties currently underway by his Liberal government – thanks to his business holdings in various Caribbean islands.
UPDATE: November 23, 2017: CBC is now reporting that Stephen Bronfman “was directly linked to companies that were owed millions by an offshore Cayman Islands trust well into the 2000s — despite his strong denials he had any involvement in the trust after 1998.”
UPDATE: November 5, 2017: We’ve now learned that Stephen Bronfman, the chief Liberal Party fundraiser, has been linked to a huge Cayman Island tax scheme. According to a joint investigation by CBC, the Toronto Star, and Radio-Canada, Bronfman and former Liberal Senator Leo Kolber set up an entity in the Cayman Islands as a tax-avoidance measure. This trust was initially funded by Bronfman, and used to pay millions of dollars to Kolber’s family members. According to the CBC, this setup “may have cost Canadians millions in unpaid taxes.”
  Justin Trudeau talks a lot about tax fairness, but it’s well-connected Liberal friends that get away with paying less, while you have to pay more. There’s nothing fair about that. In short: Liberals are hypocrites. Huge tax hikes for you, endless loopholes and special favours for Liberal-connected millionaires. The Liberal hypocrisy needs to stop! Sign if you agree:

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