Ottawa, ON – After eight years of Justin Trudeau, life has become unaffordable for Canadians. Food banks are expecting to see one million more visits this year on top of last year’s record high, and one in ten people in Toronto now have to use food banks to survive.

Instead of providing the relief that Canadians desperately need, Justin Trudeau has decided to increase the carbon tax again on April 1st. This will make everything even more expensive at the worst possible time.

Justin Trudeau’s tax hike is opposed by 70 percent of people and 70 percent of provincial premiers, including Trudeau’s former ally in the Liberal Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador. But Justin Trudeau is simply no longer listening to Canadians.

This was made clear after the Liberals refused to recall Finance Committee to hear testimony from the premiers of Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Alberta and New Brunswick who are calling on Trudeau to spike his April Fools’ tax hike.

Trudeau’s tax hike will make groceries, gas and heating even more expensive for families across our country, and it is appalling that the Liberals shut down this testimony and refuse to hear from four of Canada’s premiers. Common Sense Conservatives believe that Parliament has a duty to listen to Canadians on matters of national importance.

Trudeau must be held accountable for his carbon tax increase. As such, Common Sense Conservatives welcome the opportunity for these premiers to testify on the forthcoming carbon tax increase.

Only Common Sense Conservatives will work with Canada’s premiers to axe the tax and bring home lower prices for everyone.

Please find the letters from the premiers of SaskatchewanNova ScotiaAlberta, and New Brunswick linked here.