Campus Clubs

The Conservative Internship Program is a unique opportunity to learn about politics, develop your skills as a leader, Conservative campaigner, and help to build the Conservative Party of Canada.

For information about getting involved in our party, the Internship, becoming an official campus club, and more: send us an email.

Carleton University Campus Conservatives
Dalhousie Conservative Club
Guelph Campus Conservatives
Conservatives of Laurentian University
Conservative Students' Association of McGill University
Queen's University Conservative Association
Xaverian (STFX) Progressive Conservatives
Toronto Metropolitan University Conservatives
UAlberta Campus Conservatives
UBC (University of British Columbia) Conservatives
University of Calgary Campus Conservatives
University of Manitoba Campus Conservatives
University of Toronto Campus Conservatives
University of Ottawa Campus Conservatives
University of Victoria Campus Conservatives Club
University of Winnipeg Campus Conservatives
University of Waterloo Conservatives
University of Western Ontario Campus Conservative Asso
University of Windsor Conservatives
Campus Conservatives York University