Ottawa, ON — Jasraj Singh Hallan, Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance released the following statement after former Finance Minister Bill Morneau admitted that Liberal spending is causing our inflation and cost-of-living crisis:

“Bill Morneau joins former Finance Minister John Manley and even Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland in admitting that this Liberal government’s reckless spending has contributed to the cost-of-living and inflation crisis that is pushing many struggling Canadians over the edge.

“Speaking recently, Morneau admitted that “we put more money into the economy than we needed to.” He went on to say that this is “of course, one of the reasons that we find ourselves with demand for goods and services that’s in excess of what the economy [could] support as we came out of COVID. And when demand is in excessive supply, the inevitable result is inflation.”

“When preparing Budget 2023, Minister Freeland could have taken this into account. But she ignored Conservative demands to provide a path to balance the budget and to axe Trudeau’s tax on gas and groceries. Instead, she chose to add an additional $60 billion of new spending and poured even more fuel onto the inflationary fire.

“As a result, after eight years of Trudeau, life costs more, and work doesn’t pay. Housing costs have doubled, and Trudeau’s inflationary spending has caused a spike in interest rates that could result in a disaster for struggling Canadians already saddled with massive mortgages.

“Only common sense Conservatives will bring home powerful paycheques for workers by ending the wasteful spending, axing Trudeau’s tax, and bringing home lower prices and interest rates for Canadians.”