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Conservative Campaign Confirms Debate on Economy with Globe and Mail and Google Canada

May 20, 2015

Statement from Kory Teneycke, Principal Advisor and Conservative Campaign Spokesperson:

OTTAWA – “The Conservative Party has accepted a proposal from the Globe and Mail and Google Canada for a Leaders’ Debate on the Economy.

“We look forward to this opportunity for voters to compare our plans to keep the Canadian economy strong to the tax and spend plans of the Opposition.

“The Broadcast Consortium has stated its belief that: ‘it is in the best interest of democracy in Canada to expose as many Canadians as possible, across the country, to our potential leaders debating issues of concern.’ We are confident that members of the Consortium, and other Canadian media organizations, will recognize the value of these leaders’ debate on the crucial economic questions of this election and cover the debates in a manner that ensures all Canadians can watch.”

Happy Long Weekend!

May 18, 2015

The Victoria Day long weekend is the start of summer for many Canadian families. But before we head off to relax with families and friends, let’s pause for a short moment to remember some of the important benefits that Prime Minister Harper and our Conservative Party have delivered for families, including:

  • An enhanced Universal Child Care Benefit which now provides families with up to $1,920/child/year;
  • The Canada Child Tax Benefit which provides up to $1,446/child/year; and
  • Our Family Tax Cut which helps families save up to $2,000/year.

Victoria Day is also the start of a busy summer for Conservative candidates. They’ll be in their communities, and meeting Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

But summer passes by so quickly — by Labour Day there will be just 42 days until the election. Your donation today will be put to work this summer, helping our Prime Minister and Conservatives candidates prepare for the fall election.

Help Stop the Trudeau Tax

May 14, 2015

Justin Trudeau pretends to care about the middle class, but his new risky scheme shows he clearly isn’t up to the task.

His new family tax plan will take away every benefit our Conservative party has delivered for Canadian families. In fact, “for family incomes above $45,000, the Liberal plan will raise the marginal tax rate,”* according to tax expert Professor Jack Mintz.

But it gets even worse. Justin Trudeau’s plan has a massive multi-billion hole in it. To fill it, he will have to cancel income splitting for seniors, as well as families, and take away Tax-Free Savings Accounts entirely. These are important benefits that the Conservatives worked hard to provide for Canadian families.

Here’s the difference: our Conservative plan benefits 100% of families with children. Justin’s scheme picks and chooses who benefits, and raises their taxes as well. Help us stop the Trudeau Tax with a donation today and read more about it here.

*Professor Jack Mintz, Financial Post, May 5, 2015

170: A Strong, Stable, National Conservative Majority

May 13, 2015

Today marks 159 days until Election Day – and that’s also the exact number of MPs who make up our Conservative majority in the House of Commons.

But in the next election, the total number of seats in the House of Commons is going up from 308 to 338. That means simply repeating our success won’t be enough for another Conservative majority in October. This time, we’ll need to win 170 seats to form a majority, so we can keep delivering for Canadian families.

Now more than ever, contributions from our loyal supporters are critical for the success of our Party. Will you help us with a $170 donation today to help us prepare for the October 19 election?

Conservative Party Confirms Debate Participation

May 12, 2015

TVA and Macleans/Rogers offers accepted, will accept up to 5 debates

Statement from Kory Teneycke, Conservative Campaign Spokesperson:

OTTAWA – “We are pleased today to accept the proposal from TVA for a French language Leaders Debate and the proposal from Macleans/Rogers for an English language Leaders Debate. These debates are to occur prior to October 19, 2015 on dates yet to be determined.

Given the increased certainty associated with the timeframe preceding a fixed election date, more debates become a practical possibility in a way that has not been the case in past elections. We believe this serves the public interest, and we are therefore prepared to participate in up to one more French debate and up to two more English debates. This would mean we are willing to participate in up to five debates total, a record in modern Canadian political history.

We have received debate proposals from a variety of print and broadcast media, as well as other organizations. We believe the diversity and innovation inherent in different debate sponsors and approaches is valuable. Therefore we have decided to decline the proposal from the Broadcast Consortium for four debates, which for practical purposes would effectively exclude other media and organizations capable of hosting debates of this nature.

We anticipate we will receive additional offers for debates over the coming weeks. We look forward to reviewing those proposals in a timely manner and will communicate further once that review is complete.”

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