Ottawa, ON – Today, the House of Commons Finance Committee passed a Common Sense Conservative motion calling on Justin Trudeau’s successor, Mark Carney, to testify.

After nine years of Trudeau, everything has become more expensive. The Liberals’ tax and spend agenda has driven up the cost of everything, forcing the Bank of Canada to increase interest rates at the fastest pace in its history. As a result of this, Canadians deserve to know whether the next Liberal leader will continue Trudeau’s failed policies.

The ball is now entirely in Mark Carney’s court. Over the past few months, Carney has been touring Canada, delivering speeches where he criticizes the same Liberal policies he previously supported. These policies forced Canadians to suffer through historically high inflation and soaring interest rates.

Carney must tell Canadians whether he will follow in Trudeau’s footsteps by increasing the carbon tax, adding even more inflationary debt, and advocating for the destruction of Canada’s energy sector. This is especially important as Carney has a long history of making money off investing in oil and gas from dirty dictatorships while trying to destroy Canada’s energy industry at home.

Carney has been willing to appear at elite, Liberal-friendly think tanks. He must now have the courage to testify at a House of Commons Committee. Only Common Sense Conservatives will hold the Liberals accountable for the economic misery they’ve inflicted on working Canadians.