Ottawa, ON – Today, the Liberal Government tabled a minibudget that can be summed up very simply: prices up, rent up, debt up, taxes up, time’s up. 

What’s worse is that Trudeau proposed to increase taxes on the backs of middle-class people to pay for his out-of-control spending. Next year, Canadians will spend more money on servicing Trudeau’s debt than on healthcare. 

Trudeau’s Finance Minister told Canadians she’d have the budget balanced by the year 2028. Since then, she has announced one hundred billion dollars of additional debt. It’s a basic fact that high inflation means the government is getting richer while Canadians are getting poorer. 

Even the Governor of the Bank of Canada and economists have said that government deficits are adding two full percentage points to interest rates on the backs of Canadians. Did the Liberals listen? No, they chose today to add $20 billion additional dollars of inflation. 

And finally, today they are going ahead with a plan to quadruple the carbon tax, driving up the cost of everything. 

Justin Trudeau’s reckless spending risks a mortgage meltdown on the $900 billion of mortgages that will renew over the next three years. 

The only way to undo the damage the Liberals have done is by reversing course and doing the opposite. 

Only common sense Conservatives can be trusted to axe the tax, balance the budget to bring down inflation and interest rates, and build homes, not bureaucracy to bring home lower prices for Canadians.