Ottawa, ON – After nine years of Justin Trudeau, it has never been harder to make ends meet. As millions of Canadians line up at food banks just to survive, Trudeau decided to hike his inflationary carbon tax by 23%, all while telling them that this would leave them better off.  

The Liberals have known all along that the carbon tax is costing Canadian families. This became evident yesterday in the House of Commons when Trudeau’s carbon tax minister, Steven Guilbeault, dumped a secret internal report which shows that the carbon tax will cost Canadians $30.5 billion each year, nearly $2,000 per Canadian family, by 2030.

This secret internal report revealed that the Liberals have been lying to Canadians all along. They knew that Trudeau’s carbon tax will take more out of Canadians’ pockets than it would give back to them. But Trudeau and Guilbeault decided to keep this quiet and pretend that the carbon tax was somehow making Canadians better off.

They only released this information as a result of a Common Sense Conservative motion, which passed in the House of Commons last night, that called on the Liberal Government to release all carbon tax documents they have. Justin Trudeau must respect the will of the House and release all documents and analysis relating to their carbon tax coverup. Their last-minute data dump isn’t enough.

Steven Guilbeault lied to Canadians, he must resign and if he won’t, Justin Trudeau must fire him. Common Sense Conservatives will not stop pressuring the government to release all documents relating to the carbon tax coverup so Canadians can understand how this tax is hurting them. Only Common Sense Conservatives will axe the carbon tax and bring home lower prices for all Canadians.