Ottawa, ON — The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Official Opposition, released the following statement on Justin Trudeau’s desperate Cabinet shuffle:

“After eight years of this Liberal government, life costs more, work doesn’t pay, housing costs have doubled, crime and chaos are common. Justin Trudeau may have fired many of his Cabinet Ministers today, but he’s just as out-of-touch as ever, doubling down on his inflationary, high-spending and high-taxing ways.

“Less than a quarter of Trudeau’s ministers have kept their roles, but they include his pro-inflation Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland, who is responsible for Trudeau’s inflationary deficits and taxes and his Minister of the Environment Steven Guilbeault, who wants to triple the first carbon tax while forcing families to pay a second one, causing more pain for Canadians.

“Justin Trudeau still has no plan to axe his tax on gas and groceries that makes everything more expensive. He has no plan to end his inflationary spending that has driven interest rates up and sent the costs of mortgages skyrocketing.

“Trudeau and his loyal Ministers, new and old, have no plan to make life more affordable for struggling Canadians. The Minister that really needs to be shuffled out is Justin Trudeau. His record is one of failure, and he is shuffling nearly his entire cabinet in a desperate attempt to distract from all that he has broken.

“Canadians can’t afford Justin Trudeau anymore. Only Conservatives will axe Trudeau’s carbon tax and end the inflationary deficits to bring home lower prices and lower interest rates. My common sense Conservative team will turn hurt into hope and bring home a country that works for the people who do the work.”