Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Official Opposition, released the following statement on Nayrouz: 

“Today, on the first day of Thout, millions of Coptic Orthodox Christians in Canada, Egypt, and around the world will come together to celebrate the Feast of Nayrouz. This joyous occasion heralds the start of the Coptic New Year, allowing those celebrating to take comfort in life’s renewal.  

“Also known as the Feast of the Martyrs, Nayrouz is a time when Coptic Christians pause to honour the trials and triumphs of their ancestors. They remember the martyrs who, in the face of severe persecution and torture, courageously refused to deny their faith. Together, they commemorate the gruelling sacrifices of the past, which ultimately secured the future of their faith community. 

“As worshippers come together to honour the legacy of their ancestors, they also celebrate the extraordinary resilience of the Coptic Orthodox Church, which has withstood unimaginable suffering and yet endured through the centuries to the present day.   

“Today, the message of strength and hope at the heart of Nayrouz continues to inspire and comfort the millions of Coptic Christians around the globe who are still forced to worship in secret. As we join Copts here in Canada in their celebrations, Conservatives renew our commitment to defending and upholding religious freedom for everyone around the world.  

 “As Coptic Christians gather in churches today for meaningful prayer and reflection, I hope you are strengthened and refreshed for the new year. On behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada, Happy Nayrouz!”