Ottawa, ON – New inflation data from Statistics Canada shows that after 8 years, Justin Trudeau isn’t worth the cost. His inflationary spending and taxes are forcing struggling Canadians over the edge.

Rent inflation has hit 8.2%, up from 7.3% in September. These numbers are much worse in some regions, as Justin Trudeau and his Housing Minister fail to get the homes built that would alleviate this crisis. Renters in Nova Scotia have seen increases of nearly 15% since last October. Albertans have seen a 9.9% increase. BC and Quebec have 9.1% increases, and New Brunswick has also seen a 9% increase. Mortgage interest costs are up over 30% yet again. Nobody can afford this.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem that Minister Champagne’s “stern talk” with grocery CEOs has had the desired effect. Beef, pasta and fruit are all up 10%. A 5.4% increase since last year is still far more than Canadians can afford. The cost of food is so extreme that there were 2 million visits to food banks in March 2023 alone.

Today, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals will announce the Fall Economic Statement. They will announce billions of dollars in new spending, despite the Bank of Canada’s warning that government spending this year will contribute to inflation. Conservatives have made three simple demands for today: a pause in the carbon tax hikes until we can have a carbon tax election, a date and plan to return to balance, and adoption of the Conservative plan to build homes, not bureaucracy.