Ottawa, ON – Today, the Chiefs of Ontario announced they are suing Justin Trudeau over his punishing carbon tax, which is making food, and groceries unaffordable for struggling Canadians across the country.

Trudeau has already admitted that his tax plan is making life unaffordable when he made a carveout for home heating oil until after the next election. By doing so, Justin Trudeau created two classes of Canadians: people that the desperate Prime Minister needs to vote for him and those who don’t make it into their political calculations. Trudeau’s Rural Affairs Minister said the quiet part out loud when she admitted that if other Canadians wanted to be able to afford to heat their homes or feed their kids, they should have elected more Liberals.

Because the communities represented by the Chiefs of Ontario don’t fit into the Liberal’s political math, they’ve had to sue the federal government to make life affordable again. Trudeau is so committed to quadrupling the carbon tax that when his Environment Minister threatened to resign if there were more carbon tax carveouts, Trudeau organized a last-ditch campaign in the Senate to delay the passing of Bill C-234, which will save farmers hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes and immediately help bring down food prices.

It’s clear that Justin Trudeau’s tax plan is inconsistent and broken. The Prime Minister isn’t making decisions to benefit Canadians, he’s making decisions to try and save himself. And all Canadians are paying the price.

Common sense Conservatives will stop dividing Canadians and will turn hurt into hope by axing the tax on everything, for everyone, and bring home lower prices for all Canadians.