Ottawa, ON – This Christmas, for many Canadians, will not be very merry at all. After eight years of Justin Trudeau, people are wondering how they’ll put food on the table. Our children write letters to Santa Claus, not asking for toys or vacations but for snow boots and food for their families. Parents stay up late at night worried about how they will keep their homes. 

And what is Justin Trudeau’s plan now? To quadruple the carbon tax. Not just on the gas you put in your car or the heat that warms your home, but on the farmers and the truckers who bring us our food. Yesterday, after manipulation and intimidation by Justin Trudeau, Liberal senators voted to gut a common sense Conservative bill that would have taken the tax off our farmers. Justin Trudeau has ensured that your Turkey dinner will have a big fat growing carbon tax caked on top of it. That is not part of the recipe for Turkey dinner that Canadians were looking for.  

To give Trudeau a taste of the misery he is causing Canadians, common sense Conservatives are going to ruin Trudeau’s Christmas as well. We are going to put in thousands of amendments at committee and in the House of Commons, forcing all-night around-the-clock voting to block the Liberals’ $20 billion of inflationary spending until they agree to axe the tax for farmers, First Nations and families. We will not rest until the tax is gone. 

Over the Christmas period, whether Justin Trudeau is going for a walk in the snow or sitting next to a warm fire, he will have to come to terms with the fact that the next election will be a carbon tax election. 

And the choice will be clear. A choice between the costly coalition of the NDP and Liberals, who take your money, tax your food, punish your work and double your housing costs. Or a common sense Conservative government that frees you to earn a powerful paycheque and pension that buys affordable food, gas and homes in a safe neighbourhood. 

Common sense Conservatives will turn Trudeau’s hurt into the hope that Canadians need by bringing home a country where hard work pays off, where it doesn’t matter if your name is Martin or Mohammed, Poilievre or Patel, Chang or Charles. If you work hard, follow the law, build your future and support your country, you can achieve anything.