OTTAWA, ON -The Conservative Party of Canada is proud to announce Sue McFadden as the common sense Conservative candidate for Mississauga—Streetsville. Sue has dedicated almost 25 years of her life to public service and has been a results-driven City Councillor in Mississauga working to combat crime and keep her community safe.

“Life has become unaffordable for too many Canadians and crime and chaos are common in our streets because of Justin Trudeau’s reckless policies. I hear from my constituents regularly about how hard life has become over the last 8 years, which is why I feel motivated to help make a change at the federal level.

“I believe in Pierre Poilievre’s leadership and his common sense plan to axe the carbon tax, build the homes, fix the budget and stop the crime,” said McFadden. After 8 years of Justin Trudeau, hardworking Canadians are struggling just to afford fuel, food, and shelter. Crime is ravaging our streets. Only a Common Sense Conservative government led by Pierre Poilievre will right this ship and put Canadians back in control of their lives, build affordable homes, lower prices by capping waste and inflationary deficit spending and bring home safe streets. We know Sue will be a tremendous advocate for the hardworking people of Mississauga—Streetsville and a valuable asset to the team.