Ottawa, ON – After eight years, Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost or the corruption. Canadians are being rejected from food banks because they simply don’t have enough food to give, and 25 people have to cram into basement apartments because the cost of rent is out of control.

Instead of providing relief to Canadians, Justin Trudeau wasted at least $60 million on his useless ArriveScam app. This app was originally budgeted for $80,000, but ballooned to 750 times the original price. The Auditor General still cannot determine the final cost of this app.

Government contracts were rigged for Liberal friends, and 76 percent of the ArriveScam contractors did zero work on the app. Four years of emails vanished in an apparent attempt to cover up the corruption and destroy records related to the $60 million ArriveScam app.

Canadians deserve the truth from Justin Trudeau and now he will be forced to provide it. Today, the House of Commons supported a Common Sense Conservative motion requiring the government to publish the full cost of ArriveScam by March so Canadians can get to the bottom of this corruption.

Conservatives also forced the Trudeau Government to refund Canadian taxpayers for the money they wasted on ArriveScam by reclaiming the money they paid to contractors like GC Strategies, the two-person IT firm that was awarded $20 million despite doing no IT work.

Only Common Sense Conservatives will end the corruption by bringing home accountability to Ottawa.