Whereas Justin Trudeau and his costly coalition’s first carbon tax forced on Canadians will add 41 cents/Litre to the price of gas, while also making home heating, groceries, and everything else more expensive.

Whereas Trudeau and his costly coalition with the NDP now plan to add a SECOND carbon tax on Canadians that will add another 17 cents/Litre to the price of gas, with no rebates for Canadians, adding up to $1157 for some households.

And whereas on top of the FIRST and SECOND carbon tax, Trudeau and his costly coalition are also charging GST on the carbon tax, a tax on tax, that makes for a cumulative carbon tax cost burden of 61 cents/Litre.

Be it resolved that we support a Common Sense Conservative government led by Pierre Poilievre to abolish all of the costly coalition’s carbon taxes to lower the price of gas, heat, and groceries, and make life less expensive for all Canadians.

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