The Liberals’ Green Slush Fund Corruption

Whereas the Liberals’ Green Slush Fund (STDC) has been accused of giving grants to startups and accelerators with ties to senior management in the Liberal government.

Whereas Liberal insiders line their pockets with taxpayer dollars while Canadians are struggling.

Whereas Trudeau’s handpicked chair of the green tech slush fund siphoned $217,000 of taxpayer dollars to her own company.

Whereas a Trudeau government official has confirmed that no action was taken after gross mismanagement and conflicts of interest were found at the Liberals’ billion-dollar green slush fund.

Whereas the Liberal-NDP coalition and their Bloc allies voted against requiring all documents related to the Liberals’ Green Slush Fund be released.

Therefore, we the undersigned, call on the government to end the Green Slush Fund (SDTC), release all documents, and deliver answers for Canadians.

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