SDS for Bangladesh


  • Bangladeshi students often face long wait times and low acceptance rates for study permits into Canada, impacting their ability to complete their studies.

  • Bangladeshi Canadians and students have called for the inclusion of Bangladesh into the Student Direct Stream (SDS) program, which students in other countries in the region have access too.

  • The Conservative of Party of Canada has staunchly advocated in the House of Commons for Bangladesh to be included in the SDS program.

  • The Government of Canada did start internal evaluations for Bangladesh’s inclusion into SDS and projected an answer for Fall 2022.

  • Bangladeshi students have been waiting years for an answer on SDS.


  • The government provide an update on the status on the evaluation of Bangladesh for the Student Direct Stream program.

  • The government take necessary actions to include Bangladesh in the Student Direct Stream program in a timely manner.

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