Safe Hospitals Now

Whereas Justin Trudeau and the NDP together launched a dangerous experiment to legalize hard drug use in public, leading to an explosion of use in parks, playgrounds, city squares, and even hospitals.

Whereas 42,000 Canadians have died from drug overdoses since Justin Trudeau came to office, and cities like Nanaimo have seen a 400% increase in drug overdose deaths in the last four years alone.

Whereas the BC Nurses Union has sounded the alarm on hard drug use in hospitals, with patients and staff being exposed to illegal drugs, including an instance of meth being smoked in a unit just hours after the birth of a newborn baby.

Whereas BC’s public health agency even put out a memo telling hospital staff to let patients bring knives and other weapons into hospitals.

And whereas in an admission of this hard drug use legalization being a complete failure, the radical BC NDP have even asked Justin Trudeau to walk back parts of this wacko legalization policy that they worked together on, while he is still considering expansion to cities like Toronto and Montreal.

Therefore be it resolved that we the undersigned call on the Liberals and NDP to stop pushing their radical and unsafe drug policies and support the common sense Conservative plan to fix this mess by bringing in tougher penalties for bringing in weapons into hospitals, tougher penalties for assaulting healthcare workers or first responders, and ending the Health Minister’s power to allow hard drug use like fentanyl and meth in our hospitals.

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