Restoring hope and freedom

A federal judge found that Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act was unreasonable and unconstitutional.

Justin Trudeau caused the crisis by dividing people. Then he violated Charter rights to suppress Canadians.

As Prime Minister, Pierre Poilievre will unite our country for freedom and defend Canadians” Charter rights and freedoms.

Protect Charter rights and freedoms?*
Defund the CBC?*
Repeal Trudeau's censorship law, Bill C-11?*
Repeal Trudeau’s anti-energy laws?*
Stop the hunting rifle ban?*
Enact a pay-as-you-go law to cap government spending?*
Remove the gatekeepers to build more homes, grow more food, and produce more resources—right here in Canada?*
Axe the carbon tax?*
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