More Canadian energy, not less

Whereas for 9 years, the Liberals and the NDP have attempted to shut down, shut in, and phase out the Canadian oil & gas sector.

Whereas anti-energy policies like their No-More-Pipelines law C-69, their tanker ban law C-48, and their proposed emissions cap have all sent a message that investment in our Canadian energy sector is not welcome.

Whereas clean Canadian energy, like liquefied natural gas, could help replace dirtier sources of power, and displace energy from dictators and despots from some of the world’s worst regimes.

And whereas our Canadian energy sector workers are leaders in reducing emissions, respecting human rights, and providing the abundant safe, stable energy that the world needs, while earning powerful paycheques in their communities.

Therefore be it resolved that Pierre Poilievre and the Common Sense Conservatives will repeal the Trudeau/NDP anti-energy laws to make more Canadian energy here at home, displace dictator energy from other regimes, and help create more powerful paycheques for our people.

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