The World Needs Canadian LNG

Whereas the Trudeau Liberals must do more to get clean, responsibly produced Canadian liquified natural gas (LNG) to world markets.


Whereas when Justin Trudeau came to office, there were 18 liquefied natural gas projects on the books, and today there are zero completed, costing Canadians tens of thousands of new jobs.


Whereas Canada, with 1,368 trillion cubic feet of natural gas resources, should be a world leader in developing and exporting clean Canadian LNG.


Whereas Canadian LNG is a clean and sustainable energy alternative to export to our allies while bringing home billions of dollars for our economy.


And whereas Justin Trudeau is ensuring dependency on foreign dictatorships by shutting out our industry.


Therefore, we the undersigned call on the Trudeau government to quickly approve natural gas export projects and bring home powerful paycheques for Canadians.

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