Keep firearms away from violent criminals

Whereas anyone convicted of a violent indictable offence should be restricted from possessing a firearm for a specified period of time.

Whereas after 8 years of this NDP-Liberal government, Canadians don’t feel safe walking down the street, and the government is doing nothing to stop the crime.

Whereas violent gun crime has skyrocketed after 8 years of the NDP-Liberal government’s soft-on-crime policies.

Whereas under Justin Trudeau, violent crime has increased by 39%, homicides have increased by 43%, and gang murders have more than doubled.

Therefore be it resolved that rather than the NDP-Liberal approach of going after law-abiding firearms owners, Indigenous hunters, and sport shooters, we call on the NDP-Liberal government to support common sense Conservative MP Eric Melillo’s Bill C-376 to ensure that violent criminals are prohibited by court order from owning firearms.

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