Investigate the NDP Grocery Kings

Whereas Justin Trudeau’s coalition partner, Jagmeet Singh has claimed to care about high grocery prices repeatedly.

Whereas under this Liberal-NDP government, grocery prices have gone up 12%.

Whereas NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s “best friend” and brother’s company lobbies for Metro, one of the mega grocery store giants, and plays an active role in shaping NDP policy.

Whereas Jagmeet Singh has supported Justin Trudeau’s corporate handouts to powerful grocery chains.

Whereas Jagmeet Singh has named Metro’s competitor, Loblaws, and its President, 60 times in the House of Commons, but has only mentioned Metro 5 times.

Therefore, we call on Justin Trudeau to support an investigation into whether Jagmeet Singh has been unduly influenced by his brother, Gurratan Singh, to benefit his lobbying firm.

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