Stop Trudeau's inflationary spiral

Whereas the Trudeau government printed a half-trillion dollars, driving up interest rates, and making mortgages and debt more expensive for Canadians.


Whereas their first carbon tax has already made gas, groceries, and home heating more expensive for Canadian families.


Whereas they plan to increase the first carbon tax, and with their second carbon tax, cost Canadians at least 61 cents/Litre at the pumps, making everything yet more expensive.


And whereas this same Trudeau government just committed to adding more than $20 billion of new deficit spending in their fall economic statement that will add fuel to the inflationary fire they created.


Therefore be it resolved that Common Sense Conservatives call on this Liberal-NDP government end the inflationary spiral by cancelling the carbon tax hikes, balancing the budget to bring down inflation and interest rates, and stopping the photo ops to build homes you can afford.

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