Everything feels broken, we can fix it.

Whereas after nine years of Justin Trudeau, everything feels broken.

Whereas violent criminals are roaming free and dangerous drugs are flooding our streets.

Whereas the Liberals’ attempted to strip law-abiding Canadians of their hunting rifles while illegal weapons pour over our border.

Whereas a half trillion dollars in inflationary deficits forced interest and mortgage rate hikes, making housing unaffordable, and eviscerating paycheques.

Whereas 1.5 million Canadians went to a food bank in a single month, and 1 out 5 are skipping meals.

Whereas heating your home and fueling your vehicle is becoming a luxury because of the Trudeau Liberals’ carbon tax and anti-energy laws.

Whereas Canadians are struggling to get by, but Liberal insiders have never had it so good.

Therefore, we the undersigned stand united in transforming the hurt of today into a hope for tomorrow by taking back control of our lives in the freest country on earth.

Everything feels broken, but we can fix it.

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