Hit the brakes on car theft

Whereas after 8 years of Justin Trudeau and the NDP, car thefts have quadrupled in Toronto, and doubled in Montreal and Ottawa.

Whereas more than 100,000 cars were stolen in Canada in 2022.

Whereas many incidences of vehicle theft have taken place with armed thieves undertaking brazen and violent methods to steal people’s property.

Whereas Justin Trudeau’s policies of catch-and-release for repeat offenders, repeal of mandatory minimum jail sentences, and lack of enforcement at federal ports have created an environment where car thieves can thrive.

Therefore be it resolved that Pierre Poilievre and the Common Sense Conservatives will hit the brakes on this car theft crime spree by reinstating jail, not bail, for repeat offenders, bringing in mandatory minimum jail sentences for car theft, and put more boots on the ground and technological tools in place at our federal ports to prevent the export of stolen cars overseas.

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