Fire Trudeau. End the corruption.

Whereas Justin Trudeau and his ministers have been found guilty of breaking Ethics laws 5 times;

Whereas the Trudeau government was found guilty of pressuring the Attorney General of Canada to let SNC-Lavalin off the hook in a criminal prosecution;

Whereas Justin Trudeau has accepted free vacations worth tens of thousands of dollars each;

Whereas Justin Trudeau has time and again shown utter disregard for conflict of interest rules and ethics;

Whereas the NDP-Liberal government spent $60 million of taxpayer funds on the ArriveCAN app that was supposed to cost $80,000, and GC Strategies, a contractor who did NO IT WORK on the app, was given $20 million; and

Whereas Trudeau Liberals believe they can get away with any misconduct, even if they are caught.

We the undersigned call upon the House of Commons to call for a vote of no confidence on this ethically plagued and corrupt NDP-Liberal government.

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